Right now, between the pile of lawsuits and the stock prices that have been dropping for months, Whole Foods is has been in the news a lot lately. In pop culture, it’s gone from a beloved corporate icon to one of those things that people love to hate. I’m a chef and I worked for Whole Foods running culinary pop-up programs and developing recipes for one year. I came into my Whole Foods contract last fall with wide eyes and an eagerness to drink the kool-aid; I truly believed that this was a company that practiced Conscious Capitalism and lived up to its values of ethics and sustainability. What followed was not just the most soul-sucking, mind-numbing employment experience of my career (and I can’t emphasize that enough; working for Whole Foods was like having a dementor attached to the front of my shirt at all times), but also a uniquely dysfunctional and uniquely hypocritical corporate animal that I couldn’t have imagined from a consumer standpoint.

Whole Foods builds its whole image around being wholesome. It advertises itself on the basis of being ethical, sustainable, and fully invested in the well-being of all of its stakeholders (customers, employees, etc.) They do a pretty good job creating and selling this image of themselves, so a lot of people really buy into it- literally, with their (often ungodly amounts of) money.

I started this blog as a secret because typing everything out felt like much-needed catharsis. Now that my Whole Foods year is up and I’m happily out of there, I’m keeping this blog because I think that consumers have the right to know what their dollars are perpetuating. Plus, as long as you’re not the one dealing with it, this shit’s hilarious.

A quick disclaimer:

I’m notoriously bad at social media, photography and the internet. You’ll see some poor-quality photos here and probably some signs of technological incompetence, and I apologize. I’m recruiting help from a friend. But for now, it’s the values that matter, am I right?


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hi. I work in one branch in Whole Foods in London. Despite my working conditions are good and I can’t complain about that, I can’t be blind and selfish about other coleagues conditions and some rules of the company. One of the worse for me is related with the massive amount of food that everyday we throw it away. Food about to expire in the next one or two days (dairy products and sandwiches, f.i.). Once I asked to my boss why that food is not given to the TM’s for free or sell it cheeper ( I would buy it). He told me “we don’t want to create the habit to have food for free among the employees”… so they prefer put in in the bin instead in some underpay people’s fridge. Very considerate.
    See trash bins full of eatable food brokes my heart. And happen every single day.


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